About Me

Liza Martin

Body oriented Therapist, trained in Gestalt,Family Constellation and Trauma Healing (SE)

The past 20 years of my life were dedicated to learning from some of the most extraordinary teachers and luminaries from all over the world. All those experiences and all that I have received from them , has become the resource that i tap into when working with my clients. I am trained in Family Constellation, Trauma healing ( Somatic experiencing ), Gestalt Therapy, Tantra, Breath and Body work. As a specialist in many healing methods, I can help you to find the most optimum path in addressing the difficult life situations you face. Let my experience help you to face and overcome those challenges. I have completed the following: - Shiatsu training for three years at the O.D.H.A. School in Italy: - Ito Thermie Healing Art in Japan with Master Kohroghi-san; - Family Constellation training with S. Libermeister, the world renewed author of "Roots of Love" and "Zen Counselling”; - Tantra teacher`s training with Homa and Mukto; - Neo-reichian breath training with A. Dilon.

"Liza is an amazing woman, one who lives her truth. She has walked many paths of self-inquiry and is an accomplished teacher. What separates her work from others is that she is direct and has the ability to see very very clearly. Her work is experiential and impactful."

Sarah Davis, Gestalt therapist and psychologist

My Life Experience.

Liza Martin ( Jivan Abhika )



Liza Martin ( Abhika ) is an international teacher and therapist with over 20 years experience of working with people. 

Her purpose is to guide and connect the person to the space of peace and bliss, that is deep inside and doesn’t depend on whatever happens on the periphery of our being.

Her message is derived from her spiritual name: Jivan Abhika - life without fear. 

Since childhood, her way of exploring the world was through her own experience. 

She runs Tantra groups and Family Constellation Circles in different countries,  sharing the Art of Letting go - main Art to learn in life, according to her vision.

She is trained in Family and Systemic Constellations, Trauma Therapy, Tantra, Bodywork, Biodynamic and Breath work.

She is based in Italy, she is a mother of a teenage daughter and run her own publishing business. 

Discover the Real Problem behind various symptoms.