Family Constellations

What are Family Constellations?

Family Constellations is a healing process that explores how hidden dynamics in our family system can influence our thoughts, feelings, relationships and even health issues. 

Constellations are models of the family system that reveal how experiences of the past can dominate our present. Often without being aware, we are reliving the suffering of our ancestors.


In Family Constellations we connect to our immediate family as well as ancestors through a field of energy that allows us to discover the truth behind shame, guilt, trauma, mental illness, disease, and the damaging effects of violence, war, immigration and more. We can begin to see how the past gets in the way of love, wealth, success, healthy marriage and our inner happiness. Family Constellations can also help us understand our relationship with our parents and its ongoing effect on our life.

A powerful insight of Bert Hellinger, the founder of Family Constellations, is that each family system has natural laws that keep the family in balance and allow love to flow. In family systems where these laws are violated, shame, guilt, rage or trauma can become normal to the family members. 


One of the most important natural laws is that all members of a family system belong and must have a place. If someone in the system is not given a place, then younger members can become "entangled" with the issues surrounding the one who is excluded or even take on the excluded member’s difficult fate. This is particularly true with ancestors who have been forgotten or shunned or become a secret. These unconscious entanglements are behind most of the issues that are explored in Family Constellations. 


Releasing these entanglements can free us to live our own life and often help to restore balance and love to the family system and perhaps our greater communities. This release can help clarify what must be seen, what can be left behind and what we can honor in a different way so that our lives move forward in a good and healthy direction.

Issues that can benefit from Family Constellations

- Difficulty in love and relationships

- Effects of traumatic events

- Fear of success

- Intense grief

- Mysterious illness

- Physical issues

- Problems in work environments

- Problems with anger and rage

- Sadness not associated with actual life events  

- Struggle with making important decisions

- Unexplained anxiety 

- Challenging relationship with parents