Individual Session

Individual Family Constellations sessions are done very successfully in fiscal presence and also online on Skype or Zoom.

 The client and facilitator work together to connect to the family systems through the mysterious energy known as the "knowing field," which is not limited by time or space. As the Facilitator I can feel my client’s body, emotions and images during an online session. 

In a Family Constellation session, we look at issues and dynamics that are hidden in a family system, sometime over many generations. These are often symptoms and conditions for the client or the family that are resistant to change. 


In most sessions we use pillows to represent family or ancestral members, emotions or feelings. Clients is asked to step on different pillows, representing different persons or things. 

At the beginning of the session I gather information about the issue you want to explore, family dynamics and what the resolution might look like. Then, we begin to explore the situation in depth with client stepping on different pillows and experiencing and releasing the energy of family matrix.

We might do a guided visualization during the session as well. Throughout the session I monitor your physical & emotional responses to the constellation as we move to truth that wants to emerge.

By tuning in and feeling the energy field of the family we can gather information about what has happened and  clues about what can be released or acknowledged. This can create healing for the client and the system.

This collaborative process is mysterious but truthful and transformative.